Thursday, November 22, 2007

Welcome to the new blog for RZ Photo! I'm very excited about this. (I'm still a little wet behind the ears about this blog thing, welcome to the 20th century, Ron!)

I want to thank Stacey Price of Marry Me Productions, , for a great "Appreciation" party at Foundation last evening. It gave me the opportunity to speak to a lot of other vendors that I/we work with on a more social level & helped to inspire this blog (thanks Byron).

I now present to you the new first photo of the week:
This little guy, 6 months old, will likely become very familiar with my cameras. I've photographed his big brother, Mom & Dad's wedding, Aunt & Uncle's wedding, and their kids as well. They are a great, fun & happy (and growing) family.
Thanks to you all!


Byron Brydges said...


This is the best thing that you could do for yourself and your business! It will keep you fresh, current and hopefully inspired! I know you will do wonders with your new blog. Be sure to tell all your past clients and clients-to-be. They will love it.

To continued success,


jlewis said...

Hi Ron,

Really great picture. As I've said before, anytime someone announces a wedding or baby pics, I think of you and give them your name. We have had absolutely nothing but pleasant experiences in our dealings with you over the past number of years. I remember meeting you and Tracy at one of the wedding shows and being immediately attracted to your genuineness, if that is a word. In any case, that is what I love about your pictures - you somehow manage to capture the real people - even the ones who claim not to be "photogenic". We are due for a multi-generation family shot and will be in touch soon. Thanks again. Jen.